User stream analytics

I was surfing twitch api in order to find out whether there are endpoints to fetch user per stream analytics, but failed find it. Also I discovered that there are no open endpoits for that thing, because twitch has all of them closed in order to disallow careless developers to query such endpoints every single minute, though such analytics data gets generated only every day or even week. So I am curious if there is a way to fetch such data(likes, shares,views) after each particular user stream having an OAuth token for that user?

There is no stream analytics endpoints. If you want data on a stream you’ll have to capture it yourself by periodically polling the Get Streams endpoint, if you want other data such as channel subscribers, followers, etc… then you’ll have to also poll their endpoints.

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Okay, but is there a way to measure users’ engagement like through chat or in other way except stream viewers?

You could connect to chat as shown in the docs and then use the messages being sent to determine data on chat activity, number of users chatting etc… Although keep in mind that the users connected to chat may not be watching the stream as it’s entirely possible to connect to chat using a 3rd party chat client, a Twitch chat embed without the stream, or have bots in chat.

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