User-type and user_type

So I’m back after a while of not developing for Twitch and I’ve noticed some changes to the chat protocols. I like that you can get the display-name much easier, but I don’t understand why there is a user-type and a user_type. Anyone who knows?

@color=#191971;display-name=Nightbot;emotes=;subscriber=0;turbo=1;user-type=mod;user_type=mod :nightbot! PRIVMSG #monstercat :To !predict head to

If there are some more changes I’ve missed in the chat department feel free to update me :smile:

user_type was the original key before it was decided to standardize on using dashes for multi-word keys. If you are developing an application then you should use user-type. At some point the old key will be removed.

oh, I see. Thank you @george

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