USERNOTICE for raids

Shouldn’t I be getting a USERNOTICE for a raid based on I’ve done CAP REQ for both commands and tags, but when I raid my channel from a test channel I don’t see anything come across IRC. When it switches over to a host I see the host.

Since I don’t see that I’m worried I also wouldn’t see a USERNOTICE for a sub/resub, is there any way to test this (besides the obvious real sub)? Is it possible that this stuff has been dropped in favor of pubsub? I’d like to see some of this move to the new api since I already have that working for follows (looks like subs will be coming to that next)

Go listen to Lirik’s channel or other large streamer.

I have observe this sort of test not working. If no one raids it appears not to trigger. Prevents “fake” raids or “false” raids or people generally being assholes [citation missing] and trolling chats with raids.

I can assure you raids USERNOTICE works, capture one this morning!

I hadn’t considered connecting to the irc of a different channel for testing, that worked well. After a few fixes it looks like subs are working with the USERNOTICE. I would guess my raid test is probably being killed by some anti-spam filter, there is probably some minimum user count threshold, but at least I know my script will for sure pick up the host at the end of it.

Sounds about right.

You can also just sit in some channels and wait for a raid usernotice too. Of course they are gonna be less common!

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