Users can't see bot messages in chat?

I’m developing a TwitchPlays-style game, where entering specific commands into twitch chat is the primary means of playing the game being streamed. My project utilizes twitch IRC and can send and receive whispers perfectly fine, and can receive chat messages, but messages sent to chat only appear in chat after a webpage refresh. After refreshing, the text is greyed out, which defeats the purpose of my bot trying to notify/respond to chat.

What could be the cause of this?
NOTE: I’m using two accounts:

  • My IRC bot’s account + channel, and
  • My usual twitch account (to sit in the bot’s channel and test it’s functionality)

Make sure the channel name you are sending messages to is in all lowercase letters. Also make sure the channel you are joining is also in all lowercase.

#Channel will NOT work, must be #channel.

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Thanks! That actually worked, how strange… You would think that if it were case-sensitive, that it wouldn’t even appear after a webpage refresh. But I guess not. Now all that remains is to figure out why messages sent with whitespace aren’t being recieved.:sob:

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