Using Analytics in Twitch iOS Extensions


I need some advices to get a proper analytics coverage in my extension, notably to include iOS app users.

I understand that you can’t use GA on a webview in iOS, but what are the alternatives I can use?

Thanks a lot for your help


Seems to give the solution.

But I need to go test Google Analytics on iOS to see what it does/doesn’t work myself.


GA works on iOS for me



So I suppose the real question here is, what are you trying to do that isn’t working?

Thanks a lot for your answers guys.

I don’t get any iOS data in analytics, I thought initially that it was normal as this doc state that “This guide does not cover Safari on Mac and the Twitch iOS app.”

I strictly followed their doc, any hints on what differ with your own implementation?

Thanks for the support

I do whats the docs have and also push a pageview event.

Thats it

Have you verified your Extension is actually available to viewers on iOS? At some point Apple/Twitch introduced additional requirements for extensions to appear on the Twitch iOS app:

Thx @BarryCarlyon, we are doing exactly the same but no iOS users.
Is there a setting or something I could have missed on GA directly

Yes @BehEh, it has already been used by 100+ users on iOS 2 weeks ago during a show.

Thx all

Hi, did you find a Solution? I am having the same problem. and i followed all the tutorials.