Using API to donate to a specific streamer?

Noob here. I can’t seem to find it in the docs nor searching this site…

Can I set up the api to have a button that donates X amount of money to a streamer of my choice?

I think you’re referring to Tips rather than donations, and no, there is no API endpoint that would allow you to do that because you Twitch doesn’t provide any services for tipping a streamer.

Even most 3rd party services that offer functionality for tipping a streamer would not let you do the sort of thing you want to do as it can easily be abused, so most (if not all) services for tipping a streamer require direct user interaction rather than an API endpoint.

How can it be abused?

How can 3rd party services offer this functionality if Twitch doesn’t support it?

3rd parties integrate with PayPal or other payment services. And then generally link to a form to input a number.

Twitch doesn’t offer this. The third party market is relatively mature here, and Amazon Pay itself doesn’t really support this sort of payment flow. (Giving money in exchange for nothing, except in the case of a donation to charity which a streamer is not as they receive tips)

I think dist misinterpreted your question and meant you were looking for an API to automate the whole thing. Which doesn’t exist anyway, (generally speaking)

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