Using bits to trigger action

Hello, was wondering if i can find a bit of help here.

I am on a development team and looking for a way to trigger an ingame action using bits in chat.

We have a working system for Channel Points where redeeming points drops and item into game floor

We are looking to do the same with bits (cheering) but can’t seem to find the needed documentation.

is there a way to edit this tow work with bits and not channel points?

Or maybe an easier way to do same process?

Sounds like you are after EventSub Subscription Types | Twitch Developers

looks like it maybe.

any chance you know of the string that can make this function work?

TO be honest I don’t know much on topic the dev working with us bailed on project and i am limited to what i know how to do, trying to figure out but struggling

I don’t know what you are asking

sorry, like i said i am not experienced in this field and trying to learn

so the image in first post i am referring to as a string, since i don’t know what it is called lol

So i am looking at how to write

if uses bits in x amount then triggers this action

above, if redeem is this - then drops minigame(2)

Need a line for using bits instead of channel points for the trigger

Hope this makes sense

I have no idea you seem to refer to some library or batch of custom code.

And thats completely outside of our realms

The documentation I linked to describes the eventsub topic of cheers, but you can also consume cheers from chat.

I cannot

Becuase a Twitch doesn’t provde “a function”

So it seems you are using a library or custom written code to interaction with Channel Points rewards.

I cannot tell you what to use instead of cheers

understandable, thanx for response, i was hoping to get lucky.

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