Using chat bot and user login

hey id like to do an app where after the user logs in with the api he triggers the twitch chat bot. problem is i dont understand how to link the auth token i get after the login process to the bot

What do you mean “link”

after the user presses autherise and i get my OAUTH token, i need to pass it to the bot for it to connect to the twitch servers right? from what i undrerstood from the docs the bot need a user name and a oauth token. how to i get for the bot the oauth token?

So your bot will login as the username/token you just got from a web process that collected the token.

Well thats up to you to figure out.

There are lots and lots of possiblities/methods.

My bots tend to login to chat as a bot user as apposed to the broadcaster, so I will manually collect a bot’s token and provide the process the oAuth token to work with manually.

Generally since my bots will also need a broadcasters token to work with, my web process will collect those, shove then in a database or other storage nad use interprocess communications to tell the bot it has a new token to work with. So it will collect it.

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