Using PubSub to read bits for other channels

Hi, I’m trying to write an app that will read bits from a channel via PubSub. I can currently connect and listen for bits on my own channel just fine by using a user access token in my request, however, I wanted to connect to a larger channel to test that I’m handling the bits response properly since there’s no way to send test bits (from what I can tell). The bits topic has no required scopes, so I imagine this should be possible without authentication (which makes sense, it’s public information; you can always read the bits for any channel from chat manually). Whenever I try to subscribe to the topic for any channel besides my own, however, I’m met with an ERR_BADAUTH error.

I’ve also tried using an app access token (since, tbh, I don’t really understand the difference between the two) and got the same error.

TL/DR: How can I subscribe to the bits topic for a channel without authorization?

The docs say the required scope is “Any scope”, not “no scope”. In some of v5 endpoints this has meant it does actually require an appropriate token, such as that of the broadcaster, so it is looking for a specific token, just not a specific scope.

Edit: I don’t use Pubsub myself though, so might be wrong, just going on how they’ve worded v5 stuff in previous docs this same way.

You need a oAuth for the broadcaster you wanna read the bits of.

That oAuth for the broadcaster can be for any (or even no) scopes

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