Using the implicit auth flow with a static single-page app

I have a single-page app that’s written in rust and served from github pages or bundled as a native executable using web-view.

My app requires the client to log in with twitch but I’m facing an issue with the implicit auth flow - namely the way the api works (using redirect urls) can’t work for my app when it’s packaged into a native binary (no web server involved in both cases) and possibly for the case where I serve my app as separate files (still statically) using github pages.

How do I get around this?
If I recall correctly what chatterino does to get around this is have a separate web service that uses the implicit auth flow and serves a page with the client id & secret for the user to copy, and then the native app can extract the relevant values from the clipboard.

The main caveat with the approach I detailed above is that sensitive values can be shown on stream by mistake.
Is that my only option or am I missing something?

With your native executeable can you do something like Electron does to register a HTTP Protocol/custom URI handler to intercept

Thanks for the answer!

I guess that could work for the native case, and then for the web case I might be able to get away with setting my github pages url as the redirect url and parsing

EDIT: after some research I think a custom protocol handler is a bit overkill for my needs, since I’ll only be using it for the login redirect.
Although since my app is a music player I might consider having a custom protocol to open songs directly in the native wrapper, that could be interesting.

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