Using Twitch API to Automatically Gift Subs

is there any way to gift subs using my wallet with twitch API ?

No, there is no way to automate subs

more details :
i want to let my client pay in my country currency and my website gift subs instead of them for their destination
if i cant automate this process then there is should be a better way ! whats is your suggestion ?

That could constitute fraud, (No lawyer here), but that sounds dodgy.
Also you would be reselling a Twitch product which I’m fairly sure is not allowed.

there is no way to automate it, and you shouldn’t be doing what you suggest you should be doing.

You are right,
This could be meaningless
But my country’s access to international payment systems is blocked due to sanctions
so i’m actually helping my client with their payment
anyway ty <3

Violating sanctions is gonna cause your problems. There is a reason the sanction exist, and getting around that is heading to a world of hurt

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