Using Twitch as a login tool for my website

I am exploring an idea but I’m a new developer so I’m not sure if this is possible so please be gentle.

I would like to use Twitch on my website the same way other website use Google or Facebook login. AKA Login with Twitch.

  1. is this possbile
  2. what information can I get from the user? (Looking to get the username, username only, of their connected game account) Obviously they would have to opt in.

Any help would be amazing.

Hi heftykat,

The answers to your questions are:

  1. Yes, it is possible.
  2. Check out the Twitch V5 API reference for different scopes that you can use,


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Thanks Drew!

Ok so I looked through the API docs again and I still can’t find the answer.
If a user connects with Twitch can I pull their Battletag if they connected it to their twitch account?

I just see generic information like channel follows and such


I don’t think you can get the linked Battletag. I know you can get the linked steam account via an undocumented endpoint.

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