V5 Sub Authentication Flow

My auth flows apparently broke 3 weeks ago, I haven’t had a chance to look into much yet, but I had switched from v3 to v5 and it was working, but suddenly I can’t verify a subscriber…

Had anyone else noticed this? Did you resolve it? I do plan to switch over to helix but haven’t had the time yet. Just hoping someone else has a simple fix for the short term.

Depends what the issue you are getting against which endpoints

I was hoping it wasn’t me, the auth flow I use, I didn’t write (I’m not a programmer/developer, just a sysadmin with some basic knowledge) - and I ported everything to v5

channel name was replaced with channel id
user name was replaced with user id

auth url was changed to id.twitch.tv

header is set to use v5

I’m working in php and trying to dump each step using print_r() but some of it is confusing me.

Looks like I’ll just have to educate myself a bit to get through this.

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