Validate an AccessToken with new API

I am currently validating a user’s access token via “
I am using RestSharp and this works correctly.

var client = new RestClient(“”);
var twitchValidateRequest = new RestRequest($"?oauth_token={####TwitchAccessToken####}");
var twitchValidateResponse = client.Execute<List<Model.Twitch.TwitchValidateRootObject>>(twitchValidateRequest);
*** twitchValidateResponse.Data[0].token.valid will now show if the access token is valid or not

I want to do the same with the new API
What is the equivalent URL for the new API so I can do this?
Anything else different?

Is valid for v3/v5 (kraken) and Helix

Thanks but if I replace with in my above sample I get a 404 when trying to validate. Any idea?

Please read the documentation.

As per the documentation you must perform the request like so:

curl -H "Authorization: OAuth <access token>"

You must pass the authorisation via a header not as a query string argument. Most if not all of Helix/New API doesn’t accept Auth by query string argument

Thank you, it’s working now.

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