Validate success of configuration POST

There seems to be no way to validate the success of a configuration post from a broadcasters extension management page using the Helper Api?


takes no cb returns no promise and the function


does not fire, also the .set contains no Timeout value

Looking at the toString of .set its just a standard REST call and I could call it directly but I am really trying to stick to the standard API

Any Advice?

REST calls are supported as well: and

We got the same problem.

It would be awesome to have this working as written in the documentation.

We need to trigger something asap after the config has changed, but using REST calls force us to do 1 call every 3 seconds from each client.

As we just need to change the config one time per hour, this seems to be a really dumb approach in our case.

If you are changing the config once per hour, sent the payload over the Twitch PubSub. And consume that payload in the same way you would the config.

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