Values not showing when I Config

Hi there,
I was following the Would You Rather Tutorial on Twitch Extensions. I got up to the step “Locally Test Your Extension”. Now on my config page, I checked three would you rather options and clicked submit. When I go to my panel, those options were not saved.

It seems that the values are not being fetched.

The source map error is irrevalant, additionally that error is caused by a chrome extension not your Twitch extension.

The error above the highlighted error is the important one.

One of the following occured:

  • Your HTML didn’t load
  • your JS didn’t load and invoke onAuthorized
  • you didn’t load the JS helper at all

This is the code for my config page. Not sure as to why it is saying I did not load the Extension helper.

This is the javascript in my config.js

You can’t use jQuery from a CDN

Your error indicates your HTML did not load
Or your HTML failed to load the config.js

Check the network tab of developer tools for additional errors

What do you mean by you can’t use JQuery from a CDN?. It was in the tutorial on Twitch.

The tutorial is wrong/outdated

2.8 All front-end HTML, CSS, and Javascript files used by your Extension must be included in the zip file for your assets. You should not include extraneous files or code not used by your extension.

The only exception is the Twitch JS helper and Google Analytics

Do you have a simple tutorial which I could follow that is up to date.

I just want the streamer to make configurations on the config page and then load that data on my component page.

The only “bug” in the tutorial is the use of jQuery from a CDN which only is an issue in hosted test and above

The rest of the tutorial is sound

Okay then I must investigate the problem you suggested in the top of the chat. As I am not submitting this, it will stay in local testing as a proof of concept