"Variant Playlist Retry" loop

I’m working on an application using Atom’s Electron framework, which allows embedded Chromium views to display websites inside desktop apps. It works great with Twitch’s API, most of the time. However I occasionally get stuck in a “Variant Playlist Retry” loop when attempting to play a stream. The message VARIANT PLAYLIST RETRY: 1031ms is echoed to the console continuously until I hit stop or refresh the page.

I can’t seem to find any information on how one might go about remedying this?

Is this an error coming back from the API? This sounds more like a player error than an API error. Also, for embedding, are you using the supported embedding framework?

Hi Dallas. Yes, I am using the embed-video js library. My apologies for conflating this with the kraken API, I realize they are totally different things.

While there is no explicit indicator that it might be so, I believe the issue is with streams who have ads enabled. As far as I am aware there is no Flash support in Electron so it kind of just twiddles its thumbs while the ad should be playing. The problem is that it never latches back on when the video should begin playing.

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