Verifying transactionReceipt on extension backend

We’ve been working on an extension that includes bit transactions.

Upon a completed transaction, we pass all the relevant information to our backend, including the transactionReceipt which I understand can be JWT verified on our backend.

From the docs:

JWT containing the following transaction information in the payload. The JWT is a large, base64-encoded string. It can be verified using your developer secret. (See for details on JWTs and verification.)

My question is, where do I find my developer secret required for the verification process? I tried using the extension secret, but the verification fails.

I also tried looking for it in my twitch account settings and in my dev console.

Would love some help with this.

Thank you,

This suggests you didn’t base64 decode the extension secret before use.

And to verify, for JWT verification it’s this secret

Thanks so much for your quick reply Barry.

You are completely correct, its working now!

Thanks again