Video-Component position

I want to develop an video-component for my Extension.
The documentation about this is not that extensive.
The streamer can decide on which position he places the component.

To give the viewers a good experiance with the component, it would be great to know inside the Extension on which position of the video the component is placed.
For example: if the streamer place the component on the right corner, it makes sense that the Extension animations scrolls in from the right to the left. If the component is on the left side, it looks better to do scrolling animations from left to right.

So, is there any possibility (for example via Javascript Helper) to get the position where the component is placed? That would be great.

Placement is available via the JS Helper

Under the onPositionChanged

This function registers a callback that gets called whenever an extension changes position in the player. This applies only to video-component extensions. This also is triggered as the extension loads.

Is there any known issues with onPositionChanged as it doesn’t trigger when loading or changing the x or y i have tested on the dev rig or the native dev rig

window.Twitch.ext.onPositionChanged(position => {