Video returned with null thumbnails

This video has null thumbnails. Is it normal?

“created_at”: “2017-09-02T00:05:40Z”,
“_id”: “v171556209”,
“recorded_at”: “2017-09-01T23:15:43Z”,
“game”: “Heroes of the Storm”,
“thumbnails”: {
“small”: [],
“medium”: [],
“large”: [],
“template”: []

Not sure if it is normal, checking other video links, they do come back, but either have custom or generated tags. I usually generate thumbnails from my Dashboard. Sometimes upload a custom one. Is this a video from your own channel and you can check to see if any Thumbnails are configured or?

This is not my video. I used “Get Top Videos” api to store and use data in my program. Most of returned data had no problem. They always had thumbnail information so I could save them. But when ‘v171556209’ video was included in result, my program failed and I found out that it had no thumbnail info.

I think this occurs infrequently and data maybe is stored incorrectly. I want to know this can happen so I should handle this exception or this couldn’t have happened so I can always get thumbnail info.

The answer all of my computer science teachers and professors and security websites gave me is: never trust the data. So, I would say, expect it to sometimes come back null, as you are seeing it that way. Always consider that the API could either return incorrect, bad, or missing data. This is something that I include in security training for my department at my job in fact. Developers are to always expect the unexpected.

Don’t you only get Null’s when the thumbnails are (re)generating?

Not sure, I pulled that endpoint a day after he first reported it and I saw the same issue. I suppose it could be (un)lucky timing?

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