Video thumbnail is empty

I am collecting videos of game id (20423,497985), And I recently often get empty thumbnail url.
Like this.

“data”: [
“id”: “297970467”,
“user_id”: “147097353”,
“title”: “뉴비의 블소 녹화용”,
“description”: “”,
“created_at”: “2018-08-16T07:52:08Z”,
“published_at”: “2018-08-16T07:52:08Z”,
“url”: “”,
“thumbnail_url”: “”,
“viewable”: “public”,
“view_count”: 0,
“language”: “ko”,
“type”: “archive”,
“duration”: “34m5s”
“pagination”: {}

Is there any problem??
When i call stream api, it returns correct thumbnail url. but vod api doesn’t
Please check about this.

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