Viewer Count Bug

Streamer here, wondering if anyone else is experiencing a bug with the Viewer Count. For whatever reason, some days it bugs, some days it doesn’t, but it shows 1 viewer and 1 viewer only. The entire stream. All day. Never changes. Now, I get it, if I have one or two lurkers, it doesn’t really bother me. However, when I KNOW FOR A FACT that I have upwards of 7-8 viewers ACTIVELY WATCHING and CHATTING in my stream, it gets extremely frustrating, especially because whatever that viewer count shows, is what gets reflected in my stream summaries and analytics. Any insight on this?

You are in the wrong place.

This is the third party developer forums. We can’t really help you

Probably better off reporting the issue to @twitchsupport whom can take a better look at it. or via a ticket.

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