VOD chat is out of sync (a minute behind)

I was watching Lirik’s Alyx stream live, and wanted to finish it by watching the VOD

What i’ve noticed that the chat was completely unrelated to the action on the screen. The stream and the chat drifted away completely, chat was behind ~a minute+.


this action had it’s reaction at:


I don’t watch VODs usually, but this is a pretty terrible experience, if this is a common problem.

This issue is caused by the Disconnect Protection (The NotLikeThis blue screen).
Chat will be delayed by the same amount of time the Disconnect Protection screen is on.

It’s been an issue since the launch of that feature.

It happened again today on Lirik’s stream (Alyx part 2), so expect delayed VOD chat. :frowning:

Yeah, you are probably right. I guess they don’t include the Disconnect Protection in the VOD, but they still save the chat with an offset that includes the DP.

I just checked the Chat API. While this VOD ends after 7:11:37, the last message was saved with a 7:13:10 offset, which is impossible, unless… the aforementioned is true. I also looked at a streamer that doesn’t use DP, and his tested VOD had like 2 extra message after the broadcast ended, which is fine because they were in the pipeline.

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