VOD created_at vs. stream started_at

I’ve fetched some VODs which are stream archives, but I’d like to get the exact started_at of the stream these VODs came from.

Are the VOD created_at timestamps when the stream was archived (i.e. the end of the stream)? Or when the stream was started?

It seems like there’s some latency between the actual started_at time of the stream and the created_at of the VOD.

Given the stream_id from the VOD data, is it possible to get metadata about the past stream, specifically the exact started_at time?

Not from the vod no
As you found the times don’t quite match up

If you want to know the time a stream started then you need to consume get streams API or the EventSub


Getting the stream info from the stream_id seems like a pretty fundamental feature, so its strange the API doesn’t support that

stream_id as a thing only exists in the streams API it doesn’t correltate anywhere else.

Twitch might not even retain the information you are trying to recall!

As always uservoice for feature requests https://twitch.uservoice.com/forums/310213-developers

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