Vodcasts not reported as playlist streams in API

I would like to filter out vodcast streams in my bot’s auto-hosting algorithm, but they apparently aren’t reported as playlist streams (which they should be, considering that’s what they are) by the API. The “is_playlist” flag isn’t being set in the returned data, and specifying “stream_type=live” in the request doesn’t filter them out, either.

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The filters are not working correctly for watch_party (aka vodcasts) yet which it is not supported on all endpoints and is still included with the live selector. For now you can filter based on "stream_type": "watch_party" in each stream object body.

Ah, ok. The “stream_type” field isn’t documented yet either, which is why I wasn’t aware of it. Is that field always populated for other stream types (live, playlist, etc.) as well?

I don’t remember since I never looked for it until now.

Looks like it is. Cool. That works for now.

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