Waiting for extension to load by installing a loading spinner


I’m currently waiting for the Twitch API to return anything (live/not live) to load my extension UI which is currently behind a loading spinner. The problem with this implementation is that the streamer can still be offline due to the response being offline.

My alternative implementation would be to load when the Twitch API returns the streamer as live. The drawback here is that if the streamer is offline and setup the extension as a panel, that the extension will be in a forever loading state until the streamer comes online.

I’ve looked at other extensions that have a similar implementation (adding a browser source to OBS), but don’t have this problem. My question is if there’s a better end point to call for determining if an extension is ready to be used other than live/not live?


Depends which slot you are in

Video Extensions (overlay/componenet) should only load when the channel is live.
Panel + Mobile will always load so will need an API check for stream status.

The question really depends on why you are doing a live check?

Hey Barry,

We are doing a live check to ensure that the functionality of our extension is ready to go when a viewer tries to interact with the extension. From our experience testing, it takes about 5-10s after a stream is displaying live on Twitch to have full access to our extension.

Hi Barry,

Just wanted to provide an update and close this issue. I realize now we can do a check on the browser source being connected versus Twitch being Live/Not Live, which is implicit to the user.