Watch old Twitch Videos

How do I watch past twitch videos of a channel over 2 or more months ago? There’s a very limited number of videos available in the twitch app. In a channel I can’t even find a stream which is a week old. In desktop view many videos are available but in the app there’s only small amounts available.

So this isn’t a Twitch API question?

So you are reporting a bug with the Twitch Desktop App itself?

There is a limit on how long videos are kept for on Twitch.



If there’s a limit to it then why can’t I see the videos that are in that limit in the app and available in only desktop view. I’ve heard there is a VOD service available but I can’t find that option too in the app.

It’s like there’s only 15 or 20 videos in the app for a channel and when viewed in desktop bowser many videos are available to watch.

No idea. It’s beyond the scope of this forum.

This forum is for third party developers and you are discussing a issues specific to the Twitch Website or the first party Twitch desktop application.

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