Way to check when the broadcaster updates the game being streamed?

I tested what the JavaScript helper onContext:function returns on the viewer page and found out that the game property is not updated after I update the game title in the broadcaster dashboard despite the function getting called every second or so. When I refresh the page the game property is updated but I want to know if their is a way to get the updated game title after the broadcaster has changed it in realtime.

I was thinking this would be possible with the Twitch API but I think I’d have to call a function every couple of minutes or so to check if the game for the channel has been updated.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Update: I noticed that the Twitch channel page updates the game title below the video but the onContext function still returns the old game title.

Update 2: I found out that I can keep getting the channel information using the Twitch API and having it be polled using the onContext function from the JavaScript helper. But I’m thinking now isn’t that too many requests in using the Twitch API? Is there a better way for me to poll the data?

I’m also unable to see updated games, even after waiting awhile.

Sounds like a bug in the onContext stuff if it’s sending the wrong game…

I’m having the same issue. When i change my broadcasted game, i have to refresh the page multiple times, and it takes around a minute for the onContext callback to reflect the updated game. Is there anyway to detect the game change immediately, preferably without polling?

Could a Twitch Staff member confirm that this is the intention of how onContext works with the game property that is being returned?