[Web App] Extension Analyze Online

I created a panel to view csv data from the extension, if you are like me and are lazy to use Excel this is a good alternative I did for myself but if anyone has any more suggestions I can add it when I have time

I put some images with fictitious data:


nothing is processed on server, everything is rendered in the browser, the code can be found in my repository.

Live: Extension Analyze
Repo: GitHub - AlbericoD/twitch-extension-analyze: CSV analyzer for twitch tv extensions.

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This is super nice man, thanks! Been meaning to make a dashboard of sorts myself to manage extensions, don’t have to anymore :smiley:

Only thing I noticed that would be nice is that the Totals cards along the top don’t appear to update with changes to the date range. Would be cool if they did so I could easily compare totals for month to month.

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I did what you suggested, other people had asked for this too, if you can test and tell me if it’s ok, thank you.