Web chat - reading chat

I was reading api and found that people can somehow grab chat messages, but didn’t see any code example or api call example.

I want to create dashboard for streams just for myself (like twitchalerts, but combined with my other things to stream).
This is what i’ve tried:
This link chat doesn’t provide chat messages :frowning:

Twitch.init({clientId: ‘xxx’}, function(error, status) {
Twitch.api({method: ‘/channels/pioncz’, verb: ‘GET’ }, function(error, response) {
} });

I saw Twitch.events.addListener but i couldn’t find any list of events that i could attach to.

Chat is not part of the Kraken web API. See https://github.com/justintv/Twitch-API/blob/master/IRC.md

I don’t see any javascript api nor websocket details provided. Maybe this thread should be a feature request.

Then i will use external twitchalerts api, cause it’s easier.

Thats because you have to connect to chat over one of the Available Websocket/IRC style end points and consume the data as an IRC client.

TMI.js may help you here

Websocket connections are available via irc-ws.chat.twitch.tv port 80, or 443 for SSL.

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