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hi, how can i make my twitch followers display on my html site? I already managed it on youtube, I managed to find a html script from the internet, but I can’t find anything on twitch, on youtube I used this: YouTube subs counter - Pastebin.com

My website: https://www.difrox.eu

You need a backend server or script.
That then uses an app access token to go and fetch your value and store the value into a database or something
Your website then loads your count from the database or something.

There isn’t something like the script for YouTube since the authentication requirements are different.

This covers WHAT YOU DO ON THE BACKEND OR IN A SCRIPT NOT IN THE FRONT END as if you do it in the front end you would leak your client secret

  1. Generate an app access token Getting OAuth Access Tokens | Twitch Developers
  2. Call Get Follows API With first 1 and your user ID in the to_id Reference | Twitch Developers
  3. Extract the total key from the response and store that somewhere
  4. Your website then loads from the somewhere and displays it on your site

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