Webhook authorization problem

Hi everyone, i have app access token even with bits:read or default ( full ) scope granted.

When i try to subscribe channel.cheer event for hooks i always getting;

    "error": "Forbidden",
    "status": 403,
    "message": "subscription missing proper authorization"

Anyone any idea how can i subscribe to this event ?

Here is the reques body (xxx and secrets are different in original);

    "type": "channel.cheer",
    "version": "1",
    "condition": {
        "broadcaster_user_id": "xxx"
    "transport": {
        "method": "webhook",
        "callback": "https://xxx/callback",
        "secret": "secret"


App access tokens do not represent a user

App access tokens (basically for twitch) cannot have scopes

First you create a user token for the broadcaster_id you want to subscribe to with the relevant scopes.
Then use your App access token (with no scopes)
To subscribe to the topic

I wrote about this two legged approach here How does Twitch’s new EventSub work? – Barry Carlyon

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Hey, thanks a lot! I read your blog post and i finally registered to cheer event.

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