Webhook follower notification help

Currently I’m trying to get follower notifications in my WPF twitch app and I have two questions.

  1. Is there any other method of getting the new follower notifications other than webhook ?
  2. I have noticed that you have to specify a callback url in the subscription. Does it mean that followers can only be handled via EBS or a web server in the app ? It seems quite redundant since many things can go wrong with setting up a web server on a personal PC and sending all notifications to the EBS could be quite bad along the normal EBS traffic.

Thanks in advance.

You could constantly poll the API and work our who is new.


Webhooks broadcast data from Twitch to a web accessible server you control.

Like PayPal payment notifications for example

You could middle man by sending to a SQS queue and then long polling your SQS queue instead.

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Makes sense, thanks a lot Barry.

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