WebHook response from a "stream is offline" event

I subscribed to events with the topic Stream-Changed
If a stream is offline I get the response:

   "data": []

How can I know from the response which stream is offline if I subscribe to events from few streams? I think it would have been good if such respond had had at least user_id.

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The payload matches what the response is under helix API which is data:[] as per the webhooks specification.

But, there are a couple of options, you can parse one of the headers:

Or more usefully, is to setup, so that your callback URL is:


For the hook


Which would result in you setting your Callback URL to


Then just parse the URL for the parameters you need. Which is child’s play under nodeJS Express.

request.route('/twitchwebhooks/:hook/:id', function(req, resp) {
    switch (req.params.hook) {
        case 'streams':
            // snip

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