WebHooks long delay

Hi, a have a problem with webhooks

  1. Send request to subscribe to stream /helix/webhooks/hub
  2. Get confirmation query from twitch and response confirm
  3. I can see new subscribtion in /helix/webhooks/subscriptions

Then if stream goes online or offline webhooks from twitch triggers with large delay (2 - 6min). Or they might not even work at all.
Same delays The same delays are observed when requesting a stream via api.

How can I to get stream updates without long delay?
And is there way to get new data from API more fastly (paid account for example or other way)?

The delay before notifications are sent is intentional.

No you can’t pay to get data from the API faster.

If you require faster notification of a stream going live/offline you should work with the broadcaster and have them run an app or plugin that will send a notification directly to your server when they go live/offline.

You can read more about the reasoning behind why Stream Change notifications take as long as they do in a similar thread that was discussed recently: Twitch webhook subscription gets created successfully but my server is not receiving updates

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Thanks for your message

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