webOS app and twitch API changes - unsolvable problems?

Dear twitch devs,

“gamestreams” is a great app for LG smart tvs (webOS) that allows one to watch twitch streams directly on the tv without the need of using some other casting devices. Unfortunately after the API V3+5 change/shutdown the app suddenly stopped working. I’m sure there are lots of people watching twitch on LG tvs and we’d like to able to do so in the future. After reaching out to the developer of the gamestreams app i got the following answer from Reemet Paabo:

“Yes Twitch.tv is closing down the V3 and V5 API endpoints that we are using and therefor we will have to rewrite the whole Application.
Now, I had started to rewrite the whole application and it was going well, until I hit a brick wall with the Twitch Embed player that I have to use.
It has that Maturity check on it, " Content is rated mature” and you have to press “Start watching” button to continue, unfortunatly there is no way to bypass that and its only clickable, which LG does not allow. You have to be able to use the button with OK key aswell. I’ve tried all kinds of solutions but always end up with cross-origin-policy error ( since the player is “cloning” another website, you can not execute code within it ). For now I’ve given up because there’s no way around cross-origin-policy and sadly twitch developers will not help us eather."

As far as i can tell the developer is willing to adopt to your new API, but is also limited by LG and webOS features. It would be awesome if you could support Reemet in any way or extend your new API so that keyboard events can be used and help to keep the gamestreams app - with that twitch - on LG tv alive.

kind regards,

P.S: I’m just a sad consumer and not affiliated with gamestreams, LG or twitch in any way

–> why is it closed already? if you read precisely, it’s not about the mature check itself but accessing it via keys/API

Suggestions for apps for other platforms should be sent to the uservoice

The mature flag button is not a feature of v3/v5/helix as the embeddeding API is neither of these things. It stands along