What about the spam rules for bots?

I just wanted to ask this question here because I have known to myself recently.

My bot on Twitch is a bot that responds to commands, it is subject to the same limit as the users in terms of orders, i.e. 50 per 30 seconds, and 100 for this same period if he is a moderator of the channel.

Is it possible to get banned from this bot’s account for non-compliance with the rules, for example for spamming, because this bot would publish too many messages on the chat where it is moderator?

And so in this case is it possible that a moderator who spam on his own channel can be sanctioned on this subject? The bot is well regarded as that right?

Are there any precedents of bots or moderators being banned from the platform for this reason?

Thank you for your feedback if you have any answers,


Any account that breaks their rate limit, regardless of if it’s an actual user or a bot, or if the account has mod status in a channel or not, it will be temporarily banned from chat for about 30 minutes. That alone though wont result in banning of the Twitch account.

If the spamming is to the point where it regularly exceeds the rate limit resulting in being banned from chat then Twitch may take action against either the account itself, or the app through which the OAuth token was granted to connect to chat with. Twitch may attempt to reach out to the app developer first, as if your bot hits the rate limits then you’re doing something wrong, but there’s no guarantee of that and they have every right to take any action they need.

If the spam is intentionally malicious, hateful, or in any other way a violation of Twitch’s community guidelines then the account itself will likely receive a suspension. Bots that are intended to spam get banned all the time. If they are mods on a channel and only send messages to that channel then a ban is unlikely (except the chat ban for violating rate limits, which will always happen) unless the spam violates the community guidelines.

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Thanks for your response <3

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