What about Twitch's plans for mobile/consoles overlay extensions?

Hey, I am working on an overlay extension that uses the twitch overlay extensions functionality.

Unfortunately we get almost daily information from streamers that our alerts are not displayed on mobile or inside consoles. (Which should actually be Obvios, since Twitch does not support it. Unfortunately streamers do not get it.)

My extension for reference: https://dashboard.twitch.tv/extensions/pe7d87qh2fyeyo2ijifdi1zrnk7evv

Hey @GhostZero, this is definitely a common request, and we continue to look for ways to strike the balance between viewer/creator expectations and the limited screen real-estate for so many mobile devices that the Twitch app supports. At this time we do not have any short term plans to enable this, but it remains a top item we continually revisit. Thanks!

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