What causes user updated_at to change?

I’m collecting and analyzing links posted in chat across all moderately sized channels on the platform to find patterns related to how malware is linked to in chat. As part of the project I’m looking at the user accounts that are posting the suspected links and I’m curious what categories of activity causes the updated_at to be updated for a user account?

Might not be correct but as far as I know every update to your Account triggers a update to the channel resulting in updated_at. This could be caused by going Live,editing Metadata,changing Settings.
You might also try various options yourself and investigate if it triggers an update to your Channel!

I went ahead and tested some common activities related to accounts and this is what the following activities are marked as to whether they changed the updated_at field in the user api:

  • :white_check_mark: Login
  • :white_check_mark: Save profile/update profile (password, etc)
  • :x: View stream
  • :x: Follow/Unfollow stream
  • :x: Logout

have you tried starting a stream? I think that updates it aswell!

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