What extensions I have authorized as a user?

With GDPR and the use of User Ids being debatable as “Identifiable information” especially if it can be linked back to usernames, email addresses etc.

Is there a way for a user to “deauthorize” the use of an extension via api, or can I request one? Or a user see a list of extensions they have authorized.

I’m not collecting email address and where I’m using twitch display name I’m caching this on a temp basis. I just want to cover my bases.

If a user wants their Twitch Id removed from my system I can do that but without the user deauthorizing the extensions they approved they will be “readded” the next time they come round to a page the extension is on.

Or anyone else thinking or dealing with this at the moment, I’ve done it in my day job however the way extensions work is a different scenario.

Go to the connections page on your dashboard, and you can see the list of Extensions with which you have shared your Twitch ID.

ah sweet, didn’t realise it was in there…

Will direct my Removal policy to there!

I am always glad when there is an easy answer to a question!