What happened to brand.twitch.com?


Any of you guys remember, there was cool looking page with horizontal scroll and introduction of new different colors and gradients, as well as whole minigame of Glitch flapping like a bird?

Yep, I do too. Now, it’s empty white wall with ceritfied “GOOD ONE LULW”, which I like, but it’s just a download button.
And yes, I do understand that it’s for journalists that couldn’t handle such a beauty and were using fanart as that one says.

But I sincerely hope, that someone with very big heart will be kind enough to put that page on different page, maybe? Like a “branding.twitch.com”? Please. It’s a cool easter egg, it’s amazing and it’s good for PR!
Everytime I would tell some designer about Twitch, it was always the first page to see.


This is outside the realms of third partyness. So you need a uservoice https://twitch.uservoice.com/

And people needed branding 99% of the time just need/want the brand assets not have to scroll for eons to get the brand assets. Number of times I needed to lookup twitch purple and had to scroll was too many

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