What I should put in OAuth redirect URL input

Hi, I’ve started create an app for my firend and I’m stuck, because don’t know what I should put inside Oauth redirect URL input field. It can be my personal website URL or on twitch documentation somewhere is hidden property URL address which I should copy?

PS: Sorry for my english :<

The OAuth redirect URL is where you want Twitch to send the user once they accept/decline your authentication process.

If you don’t plan to use Twitch Authentication you can just put http://localhost as your redirect url. If you do plan to use OAuth though then you’ll need to point this at your server that’s handling the auth process.

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Okey, but this response from user is in body parameter or something like this? Beacuse still don’t know how can I read his “answer” (when he accept/decline) in my site on my server.

Step 3 of oAuth will contain the code used to token exchange as a Query String/GET paramater

So https://localhost/?code=asdasdasdasd

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Oh, You right. In URL is code with other parameters :smiley:
I’ll test it when my streamer get respond from support… But it should be easy now with using docs

Thank u

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