Windows Application redirect issue

HI, I developp a windows application in .net and would like to register it. It is the first time I see that a URL redirection is needed and didn’t have configured a local server. I I put “http://localhost”, it said that the redirections URLs must use the HTTPS protocol. When I type “httsp://localhost”, nothing happens when I click on the Create button.
Thank you for your help

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Ensure you’re typing it correctly. http://localhost is a valid redirect URL as Twitch doesn’t require HTTPS for localhost. Also if you’re using an unsupported browser you may get an inconsistent experience.

if you have put http://localhost and clicking submit and nothing is happening you are running into the “name is already taken or blocked and error is not surfaced” issue, not that it’s being blocked from a bad redirect URI

Thank you for your answer

Here is my screen copy. I tried Edge, Fiefox and… Safari on mu iPhone. When I click on Create, nothing happens

Remove the blank/second redirect
If thats still not working try a two word name

Ok, you were right : the app name was certainly already taken (no message didn’t mention it). So I tried "MEDIATHEQUE_v3 and it worked.

Thank you!

Yeah thats the bug with the create UI, It doesn’t surface an error when the name is in use or blocked

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