What if a streamer play 2 drops games?

Here’s the example :
1- Streamer open Zombidle (My game)
2- Streamer leaves the game in the background, (it’s an idle game)
3- Streamers start playing Overwatch.
4- Streamer change the stream “playing game”'s to Overwatch.
5- In between Overwatch round, streamer open Zombidle to play while he’s waiting.

Is it possible in that scenario to have viewers be rewarded with drops for Zombidle? At least when the streamer goes back to Zombidle or something.

Thanks !

As far as I know, Drops/VHS uses the game set by the streamer to determine what game is currently being played.

So yes, a streamer could set their game and title to Zombidle and then go play overwatch, leaving viewers to earn drops for Zombidle.

And yes, you could link Twitch to the login service for Zombidle to confirm the streamer is playing the game and has their Twitch set to the game, yes at that point they can leave Zombidle open and go play Overwatch.

Basically you just described some of the loop holes, but all Twitch provides to game devs is the ability to see who is watching a streamer who says they are playing your game. It’s up to you the game dev to confirm the streamer actually is playing the game rather than another game.

Yeah, I doubt that the streamer will set “Playing Zombidle” if he actually streams Overwatch though. Most likely the opposite would happen. I guess my question was “does drops uses the ‘Playing game’ to send reward”, which I think they do. Otherwise, it’d be a mess.

Thanks for the answer!

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