What is being calculated as a Total View

So we use the Twitch API to fetch total views. Anyone knows what is being calculated as a “Total View”? When comparing the Total Views data to the Views data you see in the streamers dashboard statistics they doesn’t add up.

Could a “Total View” be something like a daily unique view?

Thanks in advance for helping me out.


The exact criteria of what counts isn’t public, but it’s a representation of how many times the channel has been viewed. The viewers stats on the dashboard is concurrent viewers on the broadcast, not people checking the channel.

Thanks for the answer. However, you can see views (https://i.gyazo.com/8cccaa8335db17a9b1dac8677f8ac09a.png) per stream as well. And it is this number that doesn’t add up with the “Total View” count we are receiving from the API. It seems like the number for “views”(https://i.gyazo.com/8cccaa8335db17a9b1dac8677f8ac09a.png) is almost double the number for “Total Views”. My guess is that “Total Views” represent something like unique daily viewers.

The total views from the API is all time and as a public statistic there’s likely more checks against botting it compared to the private statistics you see. I’m not sure though, just an educated guess.

Anyone have any idea??

As 3ventic said, we don’t disclose how we calculate view count. The pictures you shared are viewers per country, I think? Those are our new statistics and are calculated using a different method than our existing video stats.

Thanks for the reply. Will the new statistics be available through the API?

i understand that you dont disclose how you calculate it but why cant we get access to the average viewer count or 30 day concurrent viewers?

for example we want to match streamers that have an average of “x” concurrent viewers with each other.

thank you for your time.
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That’s no problem. You can can retrieve the concurrent viewership data directly from the API whenever a stream is live and make an average out of that.

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Hey Robinastrom.

thanks for taking the time to address my question.

do you mean that we will have to start collecting the stats ourselves? e.g. day 1 = x, day 2 = y, (x+y)/2= concurrent viewers?
once a stream is live that data can be accessed?

again thanks
for your time

Yes, you’ll have to start to start collecting the stats yourself. When a stream is live you retrieve the concurrent viewers every 15th minute (for example) and calculate the average concurrent viewers based on that.

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this is not ideally what we want to do. but having said that, you have given me a idea for a work around. So thank you very much.

Have an awesome day!

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