What is Igdb api keys and how can i get it from Postman?

I found overworld projects on github. In the project, it says it need igdb api keys. I do not know how to get that api key. I already created account for twitch and got access token. But for request part i cannot do it in Postman. Can someone explain me how can i get that API key please??

As per the IGDB API Breaking Changes guide

They use Twitch API keys now

See “Breaking Changes” point 5. Update Authentication in the above document

hey may i know what is IGDB key? is it like user-id or something? sorry i still can get it

IGDB uses Twitch Authentication via App Access Token

This uses your ClientID which you can get as outlined on

thanks for you answer. it might work well. but i cannot get into process :smile:

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