What is the API Rate Limit

Looking at this API https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/v5/reference/videos
There doesn’t seem to be documentation any where saying what the rate limit is.

Reading off some topics on the forum. I can’t get a concrete answer saying what the limit is.
If I am to develop an app or a site that has up to millions of concurrent user with each making request up to 10 requests per seconds. Will this be considered an abuse?

Is there an official documentation somewhere specifying what is the rate limit?

v3 and v5 only have

a suggested rate limit of 1 request per second.

See Twitch API | Twitch Developers

So what does it mean by 1 request per second. Does that apply to any request?

I just tried firing 5 different request 20 times consecutively using Fiddler. I am not getting an 429

Keyword suggested. There isn’t a real limit set on it.

You get an email from someone upstairs if you hammer it too hard. I think that email has happened leik twice eva

Is it per user or maybe per IP since there is no user information submitted?

Client ID mostly.

But as stated on v5. The rule is don’t be an asshole.

If you are hammering the api enough to think you are hitting a limit. Usually you are probably doing something you shouldnt. Since most end points have a three minute cache. So you should take that into mind when you build whatever you are building and refer to the tos

Probably why they introduced a hard limit in helix lol.

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