What is the proper way to escape emotes in chat?

Right now, I’m facing an issue trying to escape emoticons from being output in chat. For example, when outputting a card, like Shell of the Last Kappa, I don’t want it to output the Kappa face. Is there a way to escape emoticons?

Previously, I replaced things using html entities, like “:)” would be replaced with “:)”. This worked, until mobile app was released, and now users on mobile see “:)”. Is there a proper way to escape emoticons?

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You can use an unprintable character anywhere within the emote code to prevent it from being converted to the image, even the start and end.

From what I can see, Twitch strips the non printable characters out, and still displays emotes. Can you give me an example?

\u00ad and \u200b are ones I use.


Kappa. and Kappa, also fail to draw the Kappa as a side note.

So if you send a “Shell of the Last Kappa,” like I direct copy pasted from your OP that will fail to draw. (Basically follow the card name with punctuation). Unrpintables probably work best, or swap the K for the unicode K equivalent.

(Spammers like to swap the K or the first a for the unicode equivalent with “OMG My Kappa not working”, at which point I usually punch them in the face for promoting channel spam)

The punctuation that was in my OP was intended for this post. This is how it looks when I output it into chat:

Using “\u200b” works, and produces the desired output.

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