What module to use with Chat?

Hi all!
I am new for Twitch. I am trying to build a new chatbot.I found 3 npm modules that allow to do this:

  1. recommended in docs tmi.js;
  2. twitch-js (https://github.com/twitch-js/twitch-js)
  3. twitch-chat-client (https://d-fischer.github.io/twitch-chat-client/)
    Which one do you recommend and why?

Personally I use tmi.js, but they all pretty much do the same thing, just handling of the websocket connection and parsing the messages, so pick whichever one you like.

tmi.js is updated frequently, and there’s great support for it within the community and from the developer. I can’t speak to twitch-chat-client as I don’t use it, and twitch-js I’d personally avoid as they are knowingly violating Twitch’s brand agreements so I wouldn’t trust them, but that’s just my opinion.

None of them.

I use a variation on:

Then I only have one dependency and it can do anything I need/want it to do. Potentially with less memory impact.

Many thanks!

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