What others are watching on twitch - Discord implementation

Hi, I have a suggestion that will link together discord and twitch very well which I hope can be taken into consideration. There was a suggestion I read on the discord forums about allowing a user to see who people are watching on twitch

suggestion - https://feedback.discordapp.com/forums/326712-discord-dream-land/suggestions/33237955-twitch-activity

The suggestion got 64 votes and it would be nice if it were to be implemented. However the problem is that an admin replied to a similar suggestion stating that twitch has not provided an API for this and so it could not be possible unless twitch provides an API for it. I think it would work well alongside the twitch app and will also add a new feature. I’m sure this will be beneficial for a lot of twitch and discord users and hope to see it implemented.


This is the third party developers forum.

We cannot help you.

You can post such a suggestion to https://twitch.uservoice.com/

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